Impedance is the complex-valued generalization of resistance. It may refer to:

*Acoustic impedance, a constant related to the propagation of sound waves in an acoustic medium *Electrical impedance, the ratio of the voltage phasor to the electric current phasor, a measure of the opposition to time-varying electric current in an electric circuit **High impedance, when only a small amount of current is allowed through **Characteristic impedance of a transmission line **Impedance (accelerator physics), a characterization of the self interaction of a charged particle beam **Nominal impedance, approximate designed impedance **Impedance matching, the adjustment of input impedance and output impedance *Mechanical impedance, a measure of opposition to motion of a structure subjected to a force *Wave impedance, a constant related to electromagnetic wave propagation in a medium **Impedance of free space, a universal constant and the simplest case of a wave impedance Provided by Wikipedia
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